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Why Do We Feel Miserable In Our Relationship

When you are romantically in love with a person, we expect that we will always be happy and that we will always be motivated to do the things we like because our pair would always be there for us to support us. We think that when we are with the person we love, we would always have sweet moments, just cuddling together and flirting with each other however, this is not always the case. There are times where we would encounter problems in our romance and there are times where these problems would make us miserable. Actually, there are a lot of reasons why we would feel miserable in our romance and not just because of our problems, but there are other reasons which causes this feeling to emerge. Here are some of the reasons why we feel miserable.

Your pair is not giving you enough attention.Sometimes we feel miserable because our pair might not give enough attention to us. They might be so busy with all their work and hobbies that they fail to spend some time with us. This is the reason why we feel miserable in our romance because we feel lonely, we feel as if our pair has no regards to us whatsoever, and they clearly have no interest in us. If they do have any interest in us, they would have spent some time together with us, they would have at least talked to us for a short time or they would have just updated us that they will be busy with something.

You may not be happy with your romance.Another reason why we might feel miserable is because we might not be happy with our romance. We don't feel any joy with our pair, they don't do things to make us happy and we cannot really seem to make ourselves happy. In other words, this romance is making us depressed and I think it is why we feel miserable. Mental health is really important especially if you are with someone who might become the reason why you are feeling that way.

Your pair have changed into someone you don't know.Your pair might have changed into someone you don't know and because of this, you feel miserable. They might have promised you something in the start of your romance that they will always make you happy, that they will never make you cry or that they will be the best pair ever but now they changed into the opposite of their promises and it can be really depressing to know that they have changed.

You may have a lot of doubts in your romance.

Sometimes, we feel miserable because we have a lot of doubts in our romance, our pair might be showing signs that they are hiding something from us or they might have shown signs that there might be another person involved in your romance. Either way, these doubts will just keep eating us up until we can no longer handle it so communicate with your pair about it. If you want to feel good, you can read this article about fashion.

The Kind Of Love You Deserve

Love can be a really special thing if we know how to handle it. Many people now wanted to romantically involved with someone but not everybody will be happy about it. There will be times where they would find that at the middle of their romance, they would notice that they are not entirely compatible with their pair and would have a lot of arguments prior to that realization. Choosing a person you want to date is actually really important because that person might end up being the person you will be spending the rest of your life with so you have got to chose carefully. Because of this, I have prepared some tips on what kind of love or what kind of person you deserve.

A love that will make you want to be better.

You deserve the kind of love that will make you want to be better, a love that will delicately inspire you to be a better version of yourself for the person you love. This kind of love will make you into a whole new different person but with a good personality. Change is inevitable but it is the change that makes us become someone we might be proud of. If a love make you want to change yourself to become better, then that love is what you deserve.

A love that will constantly choose you over anything.

The love that you deserve is a love that will constantly choose you over anything despite all the better options out there, they will continue seeking you and choose you whenever. This kind of love is beautiful because it not only promises you that they will always be with you but it also tells us that this love is here to stay. It is the kind of love that will forever remain by our side even though there are many temptations all over the place. I just read this article which might interest you. You can read it here.

A love that will motivate you to do your best.

You deserve a love that will motivate you to do your best, a love that will inspire your life to be great and a love that will support you always. A love like this will keep you pushing forward until the end of time because you know that you have someone who will be there for you. A love that motivates you will be the kind of love that will make your life worth living every day. This kind of love will make you look back at all your endeavors.

A love that always reminds you that you are worthy.

A love that always reminds you that you are worthy is a love that is rare to find yet you would be the luckiest if you ever found one. This kind of love will make you the happiest person and not a single doubt in your mind will ever form. A love that openly expresses their desire to be with you and a love that will always tell you how lucky they are to have you are one of the things that makes love a wonderful feeling.

Why People Don't Like A Narcissistic Partner

Narcissism is really terrible. People think that they are far more superior than you are and they would often boas it. They would be doing things that only affects themselves and they don't really care about the people around them. Because of this, there are so many people who don't want to be associated with this type of person because they know how difficult they are to handle. They know that loving a person like this will just make your self-esteem drop lower than the ground. I have known many people who wanted to be romantically involved with a person but they would often tell me that it is better to be single rather than date a narcissistic person. Here are some of the reasons why people don't like to be with a narcissistic person.

They only think about themselves.

People don't want to date narcissistic people because they only think about themselves. If you are romantically involved with such a person, you won't be really happy because your pair would not care about you at all. They are only thinking about themselves, about how they can make themselves more good-looking or how the public would perceive them. You would even end up catering to their needs because narcissistic people are so demanding. If you want to look for a partner who will love you, you can try using matchmaking platforms. This article will tell you how it affected the current dating trends.

They only make the other person feel inferior.

If you are together with a person like this, you would never feel confident on your won skin because they don't want you to outshine them. They would only make you feel inferior because they want themselves to be the only person who is shining. They would do things to bring you down, they would talk down on you and discourage you when you got a very good opportunity. You don't want to be with this kind of person because you will just exhaust yourself.

They act as if they are perfect.

Most narcissistic people think of themselves as perfect, they think that they can never make a mistake and when they do, they blame other for their incapability. They would only blame you for the things they have done wrong and praise themselves when they have done a good thing. They would even not appreciate your efforts in your romance because they think that it is because of them why the romance is still working. They always take all the good stuff to themselves.

They are arrogant at times.

Arrogance has always been a part of a narcissistic person, they always brag about how great they are, they always brag about how perfect they are and they always think about what people would do without them. If you are together with a person like this, you would only be stressed out by their arrogance, you would always hear the praises they have for themselves and it would be so annoying to deal with them. If you wanted to be with someone, go for a person who is kind and who will love you genuinely.

Secrets In A Relationship

We all have secrets that only we know and those secrets were never shared to other people no matter how close or intimate we are. I even have secrets I never share to my husband but is it really okay to keep those secrets? I've read a lot of articles where they tell us to be open and honest to our pair but is it really necessary for us to tell even our deepest and darkest secret? Honesty has always been the best policy and because of this, we should apply it in every aspect of our lives. Honesty actually plays a great role in having a successful relationship because relationships shouldn't be full of secrets that's why honesty is important. In our generation now, there are many people who deceive us and their means of doing it has become creative. Because of this, I will be talking about secrets in a relationship.

Why is honesty important in a relationship?

When you are honest with your partner, you become transparent to them. You are like an open book where all your secrets have been laid to open for your partner to freely look into. You have nothing to hide from them and because of this, your relationship will be successful. You see, it is not easy to be an open book, it is not easy to be transparent because there are some things that are meant to stay hidden even if is with our partners but if you are completely honest with them, they will actually do the same thing to you. They will also tell their secrets and they say that some secrets are what make the relationship stronger and the couple deeply connected. Here are some benefits if you are in a relationship.

What is the advantage of keeping a secret from your pair?

The first advantage of keeping your secrets from your partner is that you will not get hurt again. You may have had a traumatic experience and it's so hard for you to share it with someone because when you do, you would be able to relive the memory and you would be traumatized all over again. Keeping your secret would do you good and if that experience is very painful, I think your partner will understand why you hid that fact. Another advantage would be that your partner will not get hurt. When you share a painful experience, your partner will also feel pain. So what happens when you share a traumatic one? For sure, your partner would give you justice that you deserve and would act upon their instinct to avenge you from the people who hurt you.

What is the disadvantage of keeping a secret from your pair?

The number one disadvantage of keeping secrets is that your pair would think you're telling them everything about you but didn't. When they found out about it from other people, they would feel betrayed that you didn't tell them everything. Your pair might also think that the other things you said before are all lies. The only possible solution for this is to explain why you kept that secret. However, once a person loses all their trust to you, it's hard to earn it back immediately. That person would assume that all your words are lies and would not like to talk to you anymore.

How To Impress Your Girlfriend's Parents

When you are romantically involved with a person, you would think that you will always be happy because you are with the person you love, you think that you would always laugh at how silly they are and would always stay together as if there isn't anything in the world that can separate you but this is not entirely the case. When you are romantically in love with a person, you may encounter problems that you need to handle well or else your love for each other will be destroyed. There are also so many things that you need to do ensure that your romance will last for a long time and one of those things is to impress your girlfriend's parents. Here are some tips on how to impress your girlfriend's parents.

Be respectful to them and to their daughter.

Respect comes a long way and if you want to impress the parents of your girlfriend, you need to be respectful to them and especially to their daughter. The way your treat your girlfriend will be very important for her parents because if you treat her right, their parents will have no objections and no problems with you. They might even treat you well the same thing as you did with their daughter. Because of this, respect is really important if you want to be respected.

Dress nicely and appropriately.

The way you dress can say a lot about you which is why when you go to a job interview, how you dress is part of how the interviewer will assess you. You should take this lesson if you want to impress the parents of your girlfriend, you should dress nicely and appropriately because this will tell a lot about you. The parents will be able to know what kind of person are you based on how you dress so be sure to know what event you are trying to attend and dress accordingly.

Act politely and choose your words wisely.

Kindness is very important in every situation that you are in. If you want to impress the parents of your girlfriend, it is best if you act politely towards them since you are trying to show that you are worth it to be the pair for their daughter. If you act politely, it will be easier for their parents to talk to you since you are polite. Also, you need to choose your words wisely since you are dealing with people who are older than you and could become your in-laws in the future.

Always follow their parent's rules.

Following the rules of your girlfriend's parents would totally impress them because you are an obedient person. Nobody likes a stubborn person who only thinks about himself and doesn't concern with other people. If their parents would say that you should bring home their daughter by 11 then you should bring her home by 11. By doing this, you are showing them that you can be trusted. But because we have this pandemic, there are so many things that are affected like physical activities. You can read this article here.

What Should We Try To Impress Our Partner With

When we love a person, there are so many things we need to do to make them love us back. We need to exert an effort in order for them to notice us or else, nothing will ever happen. It doesn't mean that you love a person that they will automatically love you back, life is not that easy so you need to impress them. There are so many ways you can impress the person you love, it could be your talent, your looks or your intelligence. However, you can't just impress them with anything, it should be that one trait of you that will appeal so much to them. Impressions last a long time and if you do something that is unique and never seen before, the person you love will totally remember you. Here are some of the things you can impress the person you love with.

We should try to impress them with our actions.

If you want to impress the person you love, you should try to impress them with your actions. Showing them your constant effort and expressing your love for them through your actions will totally impress that person. They say that actions speak louder than words so use your actions as a means of showing how much you love that person and they will surely fall in love with you.

We should try to impress them with our words.

Impressing the person you love might be difficult but if you are someone who is a smooth talker, then you should take advantage of that. You should use your words to impress them and as a means to sweep them off your feet. When you know the right words to say and you include you sincerity in every word you say, it will be very effective to make someone love you back. In online dating sites, words are very important. This article will tell you how online dating has affected human relationships.

We should try to impress them with our wealth.

There are so many people who think that impressing a person about how wealthy they are is good. Actually this might just work because in our generation, people give so much value to money since it is what keeps them going in their life so if you are wealthy and you have the means to provide for the person you love, you might as well impress them with that.

We should try to impress them with our looks.

In an era where many people are self-conscious, impressing someone with your looks might just make them fall in love with you. Many people now look at someone's appearance as if it is what makes them a good person. Because of this, many people fall for a beautiful face rather than a golden heart. But if you are sincere and you are good-looking, you can impress the person you love with that.

We should try to impress them with our intelligence.

There are so many people who wanted to be with a smart person because they think that they have so much to learn from them. So if you deem yourself as an intelligent person, you can impress them with how smart you are.

What Happens When We Love

Love has become such a cliche that people nowadays have forgotten its meaning. Love has been taken for granted these days given that it is so easy to find love on the Internet now. But if you have found your true love, you should treasure every moment that you spent with them because there are so many factor's that could contribute to your break up. When you decide to love a person, break ups will always be expected because there is no certain thing in this world. But when you love, there are so many wonderful things you will be able to feel and do which makes love worth every pain that we might feel along the way. If you want to love or if love has come your way, here are some of the things that will happen to you when you decide to love.

We are able to do tough things to make our pair happy.

When we love a person, the love we have for them makes us do tough things to make them happy. Love gives us strength to overcome difficulties in our life in order to ensure the happiness of the person we love. We are able to do anything for the sake of our pair because love makes us stronger when we love genuinely. Most people who love would even do sacrifices in their lives just to see the smiles of the person they love.

We are able to not think about ourselves for once.

When you love a person, love would make you not think about yourself for once. Love makes us selfless, it makes us prioritize the happiness of the person we love and it makes us sacrifice the things we like in order for them to be happy. When you love, you become a different person, a person who doesn't think of themselves but instead think about the well-being of their pair. I just read this article which might interest you, you can read it here.

We are able to understand and forgive the person we love.

When you decide to love a person, you will be able to understand and forgive the person you love. Love makes it easier for us to empathize to them and it makes it easier for them to give another chance. Love is what makes us a forgiving and understanding person since we don't want to lose them, we try our best to give them sympathy and the understanding they need.

We are able to think clearly about our future.

When you love a person, you are able to think clearly about your future, a future where you spend it with the person we love. Normally, when we are single, it can be quite hard thinking about what we really wanted in our life but when we find the person we wanted to spend the rest of our lives with, we gain a goal that we want to achieve with them. We are able to clearly see our future and we have a clear goal inside our head. 

Why Is It Hard To Move On?

When you are romantically involved with a person, you think that you will always be happy with them, you think that you will always be inspired to wake up every morning and you think that you will always be motivated to get through life but that is not always the case. You see, when two people who love each other dearly have encountered a tough problem and they didn't handle it very well, they will most certainly break up. Break ups are always a part of every romance, this is what happens when you no longer love each other or you have seen that your differences are greater than your love. In this case, you have to move on from them and live your life the same way as you did before you have gotten yourself involved with them. But some people have trouble moving on and here are some of the reasons why.

We love that person so much.

There are times where we have trouble moving on because we just love the person so much. We couldn't dare forget them or forget the things that we did together just to move on. In fact, some people wouldn't even want to move on from their past romance if they truly loved that person. It is so hard to move on from someone whom you loved so much, it kills you inside to even try to forget about them. It doesn't make you feel better not to think about them that's why it is hard to move on.

We have spent a lot of time with them.

There are times where we have spent so many days with the person we love that by the time they decided to leave us or break up with us, it is so hard to move on from them. It is so hard to move on from someone who gave you so many things to remember, so many things to hold on and so many precious memories. We find it difficult to move on because most of our time was spent together with them and if we try to forget about them, it is like trying to forget about the good times in our lives.

We have gotten used to them being on our side.

We have trouble moving on sometimes because we have gotten used to them being on our side. They have always been there to help us when we need them and every time we call on to them, they are always ready and available but when they break up with us, it would be so hard to move on because they were the ones who were there for us most of the time.

They make us happy.

The reason why we find it difficult to move on is because that person made us happy. In this world where hate and violence are abundant, it is so hard to find something or someone to make you happy but then that person appeared in your life and has made you happy. But when they leave, it would be so hard to let them go because they were the only person that made you happy. If you want to read some celebrity news, this article will keep you entertained.

What Normal Couples Talk About

Love is such a wonderful emotion that any people wanted to experience it in their lives. Now that we have technology, love is so easy to find now. We can converse with many people through online dating sites and because if this, a lot of people in our generation is romantically involved with a person. Many of us think that when you are with the person you love, you will always be happy. We think that we will always be inspired and motivated by them but that is not really true. Sometimes, there will be problems and you both have to get through those conflicts. Couples have a lot of things going on their minds but if their days are fine and peaceful, they actually talk about pretty normal stuff. Here is what normal couples talk about.


Couples talk about their insecurities. It is pretty normal for them to talk about insecurities because it plays a big role in romance. Insecurities would sometimes cause arguments, they are the main reason why your pair might not be that confident so you have to do something about it. When your lover is insecure, your romance will not be stable because they are no confident enough to make things work. Couples should talk about their insecurities to plan how to fix those for the future.

Childhood memories

Childhood memories are very important because it is what shapes a person to be in the future. Couples talk about childhood memories because they want to know what kinds of things their pair enjoy and what their traumas are that made them into the person they are right now. Childhood memories are also fun to talk about because there are times where we miss how carefree our life is, it is nice to somehow go back to the past and think about what our life was like.

Family ties

Family ties are very important to talk about when you are romantically involved with a person because it is good to know what kind of family they grew up in. Family ties could also be the reason why your pair acts the way they are now because it is what they were taught by their family. Family could also teach us beliefs that we sometimes bring into adulthood. It is important for couples to talk about family ties so that you will have a background about the environment they grew up in.

Past relationships

Past relationships are very important to talk about when you are a couple because there are times where we would like to know what they past lover look like or what things they did together and the reason why they broke up. It is fun to talk about past romances and laugh about how immature we were back in those days. Also, when we talk about past romances, we will actually be reminded of the things we did that caused the break up so we learn how to become better people with our current pair. This article will also help us reshape our relationships with these books.

Why You Should Not Hook Up

Hooking up is now practiced by many people and has become the norm in today's society. People of all ages must have experienced it at least once in their lifetime and I can really say that hooking up is something that not everybody is into. I know I said that many people practiced it but not all are into it. Some people love doing it and some people try to love it but decided not to after knowing what it really is. If you are one of those people who try to like the idea of hooking up but when you tried it and knew how it worked, you were disappointed and don't like it anymore then this article is for you. As I mentioned, hooking up is not for everyone so here are some signs that hooking up isn't for you.

You prefer the traditional way of dating.

I admit that traditional dating still has a big impact to me and I really do feel like this is the right way to find the one. If you are like me who wants to be in a long term romance with someone I can call my boyfriend and not just a friend when we are in public, then hooking up isn't really for you. Most of the time, hookups would be like Netflix and chill, it's like a business transaction between two people who longs for pleasure. Technology really has affected our relationships. Here are some rules about communicating in the digital era.

You get attached to someone easily.

Earlier I said that hooking up means no strings attached, no emotions felt, just fun. If you fall in love with someone easily just by a mere romantic gesture or flirting then avoid hooking up at all cost. Hooking up involves meeting up with someone, hooking up then leaving after, that's it. This kind of relationship is only for short term and only when you want it, for someone like you who falls so hard, this won't be your thing.

You are a hopeless romantic.

If you are someone who believes in magical love stories, soulmates and love at first sight or feel comfortable when you are in a relationship with someone then moves on a long time after the break up, there's actually nothing wrong with that unless you try to hook up. Hooking up is all about spontaneity and the pleasure and there's no strings attached in this kind of relationship so this will not be good for you if you try it.

You want to feel intimate in the relationship.

Cuddling, having deep talks and just talking to each other about your future are some of the things that couples do but for hookup partners, they don't have that kind of luxury or else they will fall in love with each other which will make things complicated. Being spontaneous is what hooking up is all about so if you don't want this temporary thrill in your life, then don't try hooking up. You will end up sacrificing some of the perks that you will feel in a committed relationship.

Can We Fall In Love With The Person We Don't Love?

Falling in love is such a mysterious thing that most of us do. We don't really know how it happens and why it happens, it just happens. Falling in love can be uncertain and there are so many consequences to it especially if you fell in love with the wrong person. Many people have said that love is a strange thing. It can make us do things that are illogical yet we still do them for the sake of it. But most of the time, people fall in love with a person they love, it is so rare for a person to have feelings for someone they don't love. However, we think this might be impossible but there are some cases where we might develop feelings for someone even though we don't love them at first.

Yes, we can fall in love with the person we don't love.

Love moves in mysterious ways. As they say, love comes at you unexpectedly and if it does, you can do nothing but to accept it. In this case, yes you can fall in love with the person you don't love because there is no telling when love will develop. You might think that just because you don't love a person at first doesn't mean that you will not grow nay feelings for them. There are so many people who fell in love with the people they thought they would never love. There are some long time best friends who have been through together and swore to each other that they will only be friends only to find out many months later that one of them has started to feel something to the other one. It is really possible to fall in love with someone no matter how you think that you will only be just friends. Love occurs in many different ways and one cannot truly predict when it will happen.

No, we can't fall in love with the person we don't love.

Though there are so many cases where people would fall in love with a person they don't love, there are also some times where a person would not fall in love with the person they don't love. I have this friend who has been with her childhood friend for a long time and they have created a lot of precious memories together considering they pretty much grew up together but until now, they never really fell in love with each other at all. No one developed any romantic feelings for one another and I guess that the time you spent with a person does not relate to a higher chance of you developing feelings. I just think that they enjoy their time as friends or maybe they love someone else which pretty much explains why none of them have developed romantic feelings. I think that none of them has an interest to be in a relationship with each other simply because they value their friendship more than any romance. I just read this article about finance. You can read more here.

Things You Can Do For Your Athletic Boyfriend

Sports often have an important place in everyone's lives. Whether you are an avid basketball fan or just love watching sports games, it is really better to share your passion with your partner. In today's society, dates are often regarded as going to a fancy restaurant or maybe just staying at home watching Netflix and chilling. But sometimes, you just got to go outside and enjoy being outdoors. If you have a boyfriend who likes to do sports and is always active, then you have to read these tips on how to impress them. Sometimes, having an athlete boyfriend can be tough since you don't get to meet too often because they have to train especially if they are a fan of a sports team. But for today's article, here are some things you can do to impress your athletic boyfriend.

Give them a sports related gift.

There are a lot of things you can give to your boyfriend, just make sure it is a sports related gift. I am certain that they will be over the clouds when they receive such a gift coming from you. They would also be impressed if you have chosen a sports related gift because that would mean you had researched all about it beforehand. I can guarantee you that your boyfriend will love you more than he ever will.

Be present during their games.

Being present in their games would definitely impress them. With you being with them in the same place as them or just going on their game would mean a lot to them. You would be giving them a lot of inspiration and motivation to do their best just to give you a good time. Since you are romantically involved, it cannot be avoided that your partner would try to do incredible things just to impress you. Maybe your boyfriend would do an impossible jump just because you are there watching them.

Create a banner to cheer their team up.

Creating your own banner and designing it would mean a lot to your partner. He would definitely be grateful that you are sending your time creating those things just to show how much you support him and their team. Most men who would see you creating a banner would be so touched that they will not let all our efforts be in vain. They might even do more than one hundred percent of their efforts just because of you cheer. If your boyfriend is a boxing fan, you should read this article.

Buy them a good pair of sports shoes.

Buying your boyfriend a good pair of shoes would definitely delight them. You can impress them by choosing the right type of shoes and their shoe size. There are actually different types of shoes so it might be a little bit overwhelming for you but most of the time, athletes would need running shoes. Wearing the appropriate athletic shoe for specific activities can improve comfort and performance and most importantly, prevent injuries. Look for brands like Nike, Adidas and Reebok.

What Makes Love Worthwhile

Love is such a big word. Hearing it will make many people think of the people they love or thy may even have a different perspective about it. Either way, love is an emotion that we all feel towards our family members or to someone that we like. Love is such a wonderful feeling and because of that, many people fall in love every day. When you love someone, the world around us becomes a colorful place. We see things differently in a way that our perspectives changes. Before we love, we see the world as a boring place and it seems like everything is in a black and white. But when we love, the world becomes fun and it won't ever become a boring place. It will be full of colors which will definitely affect your mood from day to day. Here are some of the things that make love worthwhile.


The memories we share together with our pair make love worthwhile. Even though some people would say that love is temporary, we still chase it because we crave the wonderful memories it gives us. Those precious memories will be with us until we die and we know that we cannot bring anything when we depart from this world, only the memories that we have will be brought with us to the other side. Our memories are the only thing that cannot be taken away from us. It will always be our treasure.


Happiness has always been a part of love. We feel happy when we are able to spend time with our pair and we get to do things together. The happiness that we feel during this time is worth every pain that we might sometimes feel when we love someone. We all know that when loving a person, it is not always happy moments, there will be moments where we have misunderstandings and we unintentionally hurt our pair. Especially if you have different beliefs, you could hurt your partner. This article will tell you what happens.


Another thing that makes love worthwhile is the companionship that we get when we are romantically involved with someone. We get to be with the person that we love the most and we do certain things together which is really wonderful. Sometimes, when we feel that the world is against us and our anxiety would show up, there will always be that one right person who will calm us down and would reassure us that everything is fine. This is why loving a person really is worthwhile.


Inspiration would sometimes hit us when we have a person who will be there to support our endeavors and because of this, love provides us with that one right person who will always be our side and who will cheer us on when we do our thing. When this happens, we are inspired to do more and we get really motivated to try our best whenever we become passionate towards some things. This is the very reason why I totally believe that love is worthwhile and it is worth pursuing.

Why Do We Compare Our Relationships

When you are romantically involved with someone, there will come a time where you would have insecurities about your relationship. It is totally normal to be feeling this way, a lot of people now are also together with the person they love so it would be natural for you to assimilate what you have with what they have. However, constant comparisons would cause pain to your pair because they would think that they are not good enough for you and you are not contented with what you have since you always assimilate them to others. It would seem like you are seeking for more even though your pair already gave you their all. There are actually some plausible reasons why we assimilate our relationship to others, here are some of it.

We think others have a better relationship than us.

When we assimilate what we have to what others have, we normally do this because we think that they have a better relationship than us. I mean all of us think that other people are always better than us that is why we get jealous of celebrities and we assimilate our lives to theirs. We think that everything another person does is more than what we do which is really not a good way of thinking considering this would affect your self-esteem.

People show off their relationship in social media.

Social media has become a place for many people to meet others and this is also where we share some of our personal activities for our friends to see. Many people have also come to take their romance in social media, posting all sorts of things about their pair and the activities they do together which results to some people comparing their relationship to that of what they see in social media. Social media dating and online dating is very popular now. You can check this article to know some online dating tips.

We sometimes want to be in their shoes.

There are times where we desire to be someone else just for a day. You see, comparisons also work like that, when you assimilate what you have to others, it is because you desire to have what is theirs and make it your own. You wish to be in their shoes and to feel what it is like to live their life. While this is not really a bad thing because all of us have our own desires, it is not good to make your pair feel bad about the things they can't do.

We think their relationship is perfect.

As we think others have better lives and better relationships than us, it is also because we think they have a perfect relationship when in fact, they just worked on their differences and made the relationship as smooth as possible. We compare because we are consumed by our assumptions that other people have it better than us. We assume that they are lucky to be with their pairs without even seeing what is really happening behind their smiles posted in social media. There is actually more to the social media pictures you see.

Where To Bring Your Date On Your First Date

There are many available places where you can take your date to and depending on your budget, you can take them to somewhere fancy. Impressions are very important when you start dating someone. The feeling of wanting to show off what you can do is so strong that you are willing to go through any lengths just to make them fascinated with you. If you have known each other online, it might take some time for you to go on a date because you really want to make sure that who you are talking is the same person as who you are about to meet. Because of this, 3d verification is connected to secure your online dating experience. This article will tell you how to have a secure online dating experience.

These are some common places where most people take their dates but I will be putting them in order from cheapest to the most expensive. So take your pick and make your date worthwhile.


Parks are totally free so if you are a student trying to spend time with your girlfriend, you can always come here. There are many parks in every country with amazing view so if both of you like to take a walk in a nice weather, you can enjoy going to the park. Not only students, whether you are financially capable or not, the park is open for everybody. This is a nice place to take a fresh air, sit around some bench, observe kids playing around and just relaxing.

Movie Theaters

We all go here during our first date at some point, just admit it. This has always been a go-to place for every young or old couple. It is a common knowledge that people love to watch movies that's why movie theaters are still on business even though there are a lot of movie streaming websites available on the Internet.


Fancy dinner is also a good idea when trying to impress your date. The candlelight, the soft music playing on the background and the city lights outside the restaurant's clear glass window all adds up to a romantic and memorable date. There are many reputable restaurants that you can find anywhere in every country so if you have saved enough money, you can treat your date to a nice dinner date.


Going to resorts can be expensive especially if it's in another country. There are tons of resorts to choose from depending on the location, the view you want and the money you have. You can also book private resorts to let you and your date spend some time alone without the crowd. Such place is very romantic and it will feel like you are on top of the world with the happiness it has brought to you. If you are the type of person who voraciously spends money to make someone happy, then this is for you.


Going to a hotel is a luxurious way to spend time with your pair. With many amenities, your date will surely enjoy your time together. It may be costly but if you have the means, you can always do this. If you want a worthwhile experience, I suggest booking a hotel that has 3 to 5 stars as these hotels are proven to have good customer service and numerous amenities to go with whatever package you choose. Have fun and enjoy the luxury of these hotels.

Why It Is Not Good To Keep Your Feelings For Someone To Yourself?

It is really inevitable not to like someone. There are sometimes where we even like our friend romantically and we let them know by confessing our feelings to them. Confessions are crucial times where we open up our feelings to someone and in that moment, things could go really good and bad at the same time. They could reject you or accept your feelings of love and reciprocate it. Because of this fifty percent chance of failing and fifty percent chance of success, there are some people who are not willing to take a risk, instead they just keep their feelings to themselves. However, not confessing your feelings to the person you like and keeping your feelings all to yourself is not good. Here are some of the reasons why.

Your love will keep on growing.

There is a saying that the harder you keep hiding your feelings for someone, the more your love for them will grow and I think that makes sense because you try your best not to feel those feelings for them, you try so hard to deny what you feel but because of that, your love will continue to grow no matter how you keep it. Love really cannot be controlled and your feelings will never stop just because you deny it. Once love hits you, you have no choice but to accept it.

You will have no closure.

When you don't confess your feelings, there is a possibility that you will have no closure. Since nothing ever really happened between you and the person you like, you are left with your overflowing feelings for them and you won't be able to stop loving them because you never really told them about it. You will be left hanging there because you have done nothing to make the situation progress. If you are ready to confess, you should do it sooner. Since we have this pandemic, we cannot be sure what will happen to our relationships. This article however tell us what will happen to the dating market.

You will never know what will happen.

Since you just kept your feelings all to yourself, you will never know what will happen. You will be left wondering what could happen if you have just confessed your love to the person you like. Sometimes, it will keep you awake at night and you would be thinking what could have happened if you had just had the courage to tell them how much you like them but you didn't. In fact, you might even regret not confessing to that person as you get older.

You will never know their feelings.

Because you never really confessed to them, you will never know their feelings. They might have felt the same way as you do but because you haven't had the courage to do the first move, your supposed romance ended before it started. You could have a great relationship with that person but you chose not to tell them. If you have been rejected if you confessed, at least you will have a peace of mind and you won't stay awake at night thinking what could have happened if you have just confessed. They say that regrets come in the end so you should carefully think about it.

What Happens When You Love A Smart Person

In our generation where the Internet is widely known, a lot of people have been showing their potential, little by little. Some have been showing their creativity because of what they have seen in the Internet and some have taken this opportunity to widen their knowledge. It is really no wonder why there are so many smart people. You might think that loving a smart person would give you so many advantages in life, well it is not exactly wrong but there are actually a lot of things that could happen when you love a smart person. Here are some things that could happen.

They would sometimes pressure you to do well.

There are sometimes where smart people would think that they want their partners to do well like them, they think that it would be good for both of them if their partner would also do well but sometimes, because of their strong desire to make their partner do well, they would end up pressuring them. They would do all sorts of things just to get their partner in the same level as them. But this could actually make the partner unmotivated. They would even think that you are just with them because you want them to be like you. If you want to find another love, you can always go to Russia. You can click this link to know historical places of romantic dates in Russia.

They would sometimes make you feel inferior.

There are some smart people who would sometimes make you feel inferior because they think highly of themselves. Because of this, it would seem like they are belittling their partners because of how many achievements they have. Smart people sometimes tend to have more pride and because of this, their partners might get a little bit intimated by it. This is what happens when you love a smart person because feeling intimated and feeling inferior would always be there.

They would like you to achieve the same as them.

As I mentioned earlier, smart people would sometimes pressure you to do well and be like them because they think that it would do good. The same as here, they want you to achieve the same as them because they think that they deserve it. They deserve to be with someone who achieved the same things as them and I think that they take great pride with being romantically involved with someone who has the same goals as them. I think this isn't really bad but when you think about it, there is so much pressure.

They invalidate your achievements if it isn't that much.

When you love a smart person, they would sometimes invalidate your achievements if it isn't what they expect or if it is too little for them no matter how big it is for you. This is sometimes the problem with smart people, they think that they are superior than you and whenever you exert an effort to be like them, they wouldn't accept your hard work because they think you need to do more. It sometimes hurts to be told like this but this is what happens when you love a smart person.

Results When You Flirt With Someone Else

Flirting is a common way of knowing if someone likes you or not. We flirt with so many ways and because of that, we have met various people in our lives no matter if they had stayed or not. If you flirt with someone who likes you, they will flirt back with you and when they do, it means that they are interested in you and if they don't, well that's a sign that they are not interested in you. Flirting really has a great impact in how people know if someone likes them back or not. This is actually very crucial when one wants to be romantically involved with someone. Today, I will be listing some of the results when you try to flirt with someone else.

They would flirt back.

If you flirt with someone, there is a big possibility that they would flirt back because they also like you. You are lucky if someone flirts back with you and is single because you will have nothing to worry about if you decide to court them. There won't be any person who would get angry if you pursue that person. When you flirt with someone, always make sure that they are single because you don't want to be the reason why they and their partner are breaking up.

They would say that they are already taken.

There are also sometimes where you would flirt with someone but they would not flirt back with you because they are already taken. These types of people are loyal to their partners and you shouldn't pursue these types of people. When someone never flirts back to you since they are already taken, you should take a hint and back off. They are not interested in you since they already have a partner. You should respect their relationship so that you won't be wrecking any relationships.

They would flirt back even though they are in a relationship.

If you flirt with someone maybe from across the bar or anywhere, you wouldn't normally know if they are already taken or not unless they tell you when you get to talk to each other. However, if they do tell you that they are already romantically involved with someone but they still flirt with you, you should immediately stay away from that person. They will only bring you pain and sorrow if you continue to associate yourself to them. I just read this amazing article which might interest you. You can click this link here.

They would not flirt back because of other reasons.

There are even sometimes where you flirt with someone but they don't really flirt back with you. This is totally normal especially during this time because there are so many people who cannot be trusted easily. There are some people who would flirt with someone and when they flirt back, they would drug their drinks and do some horrible things to that person. This is the reason why some people might not respond to your flirtations because they have trust issues maybe about your intentions. But if you prove to them that you are good, they might open up to you.

Moving On From Your Relationship

There are times where we need to move on from someone we used to love just because the relationship is not going too well. In a relationship, you should never expect that you will always be happy and that you will always have a good time with your partner because that is actually impossible. Just like our life, there are ups and downs and so are our relationships. There will always be times where we need to do tough decisions in our relationship and this is to avoid pain for ourselves. One thing you should do to avoid pain in your relationship is moving on from your relationship if it doesn't make you happy anymore.

When do you move on from your relationship?

Moving on from your relationship might be so hard to do but when you have felt that you are no longer happy in your relationship or if your love has lost all the sparks, then that is the time that you should move on. Another thing is when your relationship starts to become toxic like when your partner has become abusive to you and is mentally manipulating you, then it is time to move on from that kind of relationship. You don't need that kind of person in your life because clearly, they are just playing with your feelings.

Why should we move on from a toxic relationship?

You should definitely move on from a toxic relationship because it will not do you any good if you stay in there. When you have a toxic relationship, you will constantly feel inferior and you will lose all your self-esteem because your partner would be constantly bringing you down. You should totally move on from this kind of relationship because in the end, you will only be hurting yourself and I have known many people who are in a toxic relationship but they though they can still fix it, in the end, they were the only ones crying and hurting. If you are planning to find another love, you can read this article to know how to improve your relationship.

What should you do to move on faster?

In order for you to move on faster and to make your healing process quicker, you need to block all of your partner's social media accounts so that they won't be able to contact you in any way and so that you can focus on moving on. There are actually times where your ex-partner would convince you to go back to them and that they were sorry about their actions. They would admit that what they did to you was horrible and that they still love you and these words would totally affect you.

What should you do to make yourself happy again after moving on?

There are a lot of things you can do to make yourself happy after moving on and one of the best things that I do is traveling. Traveling is good for everyone especially if you have just had a rough break up with someone, having to see a new scenery and being in a new place will totally make you happy. Plus, it would be a great adventure of your life so you will totally treasure it.

Toxicity In A Relationship

Toxic relationships are growing more than ever. With the advancement of technology, it is no wonder why toxic relationships are increasing. You see, because of technology, a lot of dating sites are created which a lot of people use on a daily basis. We all know how this ends, some people would even find a mistress in here, cheating has become easier because of social media and online dating sites. There are many people who were hurt because they were in a toxic relationship and a lot of them don't even want to be in a relationship again because they don't want to go through what they have experienced before.

What makes a relationship toxic?

There are so many things that can make your relationship toxic and the most common one is infidelity. Infidelity is very common nowadays. It has also become easier to cheat to our partners because we have these different platforms where it lets us delete messages and hide our conversations with other people. Now that we have online dating sites where a lot of people are using, it has become easy to find someone who will replace our partners. That's not all, these dating sites have changed our relationships.

What are the signs that you are in a toxic relationship?

In any relationship, you can lessen some negative feelings like pain, heartbreak, and frustration by choosing the right person to be with. This will save you a lot of misery and heartbreak. However, it might be difficult to find the right person for you. If you are with a toxic partner, they get angry easily and are verbally abusive to their partners are the worst. Violence is never a pretty thing for men. People who get mad at small things seem childish and immature and most men would try to avoid these people because they don't want to deal with their tantrums. Also, abuse in a relationship is toxic so you better stay away from these types of people if you are dating one.

Does toxicity in the relationship start immediately?

Toxicity doesn't really start early in the relationship. Your relationship would be like most relationships, sweet and romantic. There wouldn't be anything wrong about it since your partner would be so loving to you and they would shower you with a lot of hugs and kisses so you really cannot say that your relationship is toxic from the start. Toxicity happens because of certain factors that contribute to making it a toxic one. If you want to change your life, you may want to date a cyclist. You can click this link to know more.

What do you do when you are in a toxic relationship?

Another thing you need to do is blocking him on social media and his number, too. If you do this, you are making sure that he has no way of contacting you or even knowing where you are currently. This is also very important because if he messages you on social media, you might be endangered again. Being in a toxic relationship is really dangerous so you should never go back to your boyfriend whatever he says. Usually, your pair might beg you to come back to them but never trust their words again.

How To Avoid Awkwardness When Hooking Up

Hooking up with someone is now commonly practiced by a lot of people. People who engage in this act long for pleasure and excitement that it brings but with the absence of commitment which makes some people scared. Unlike in a serious relationship, there are certain rules that both people involved should follow to avoid any complications later on. Some people have great hookups and some have horrible ones. Usually, the hookup partners are strangers, friends, casual acquaintances and even ex-partners. Nevertheless, people find a hookup buddy in hookup websites now so that it would be convenient and less stressful. Since you are hooking up with a stranger, there will always be this new feeling and you would get awkward with them sometimes. Today, I will be giving you some tips on how to avoid getting awkward when hooking up.

Be honest to your partner.

Honesty really is necessary when it comes to communicating with other people. When you hook up with a person, there will always be awkwardness and that is totally normal. If you want to avoid getting awkward in this new situation, you need to be honest with them. When telling them about yourself, you need to make sure to tell them the truth. In that way, there won't any be complications later on especially if you are lying, it will always be found out later on. If you want to know more about hooking up, you can check this link here.

Communicate with your partner.

Since you are hooking up, it is all about pleasure. You may think that you shouldn't voice out your opinion because it would make things awkward but you should actually tell your hookup partner if something is not right. You should always communicate to them about the things that you are comfortable doing and the things that are not comfortable for you. This way, you will be sure to get what you want and this would be a way for you and your partner to connect to each other.

Go on a date to know each other more.

Hooking up may not be the same as a normal romantic relationship but you actually still need to date with your hookup partner. Dating would actually give you time to know each other more, to know what fantasies you have in mind and to know each other's kinks in bed. This way, you wouldn't feel awkward when you are doing it with them since you already know each other. You would also perform better in bed since you know what turns on the other person.

Be confident about yourself.

One way to really avoid getting awkward with your hookup partner is when you are confident about yourself. When you are confident, you won't feel inferior and you would always believe in what you say and do. If you are confident in bed, your hookup partner would actually feel good and you would also feel good knowing that you believe in what you can do. Also, when you are confident, a lot of people find this attractive so this might work for your advantage.

Questions To Ask Before Forgiving Your Partner

Especially now that social media and dating apps are becoming more popular and widely used by most people, it has become easier to find another person to cheat with and you can always delete your messages so that your partner won't catch you cheating. Many people have suffered emotional pain due to this act yet many people still cheats. I do not condone cheating as I have seen my friends suffering from pain the moment their partners cheated and I was with them through the whole journey. But there are really some times where their pairs would just come up to them and would ask their forgiveness and I always tell my friends to keep these in mind before forgiving them.

Is he worth it?

Cheating will never be right and if your pair cheated on you and is now asking for your forgiveness, ask yourself if they are really worth forgiving. Do you think it was just a spur of the moment that they were able to do that? Were they tempted? If you think he is worth forgiving, then forgive that person but never trust them easily. Trust is to be earned and not to be given so make them work to earn your trust again. To avoid heartaches in a relationship, you can read this article to get some tips and ideas about dating.

Did he feel sorry for his actions?

This is the most important question. Observe them as to how they have behaved when they cheated on you. Do they look sad? Do they look regretful about their actions? Do they act normal like nothing happened? Try to observe them carefully and depending on their actions, you may or may not forgive them. Also, if they do look regretful, check if their actions match the way they look. They should be avoiding such mistake to happen again and they should make things up with you is they are sincere.

How many times did he do this?

If he has done this a couple of times now, ask yourself if you are willing to forgive someone who has done the same mistake over and over again. Personally, I won't ever forgive them because if they have done it many time, they will surely do it again. But if they have done this once, assess your feelings if you are still willing to forgive them. But I always believe that once someone has done something, they will surely do it again knowing that you have forgiven them the first time they did it.

Can you still trust him after that?

So he cheated on you and they are asking for your forgiveness so now you are contemplating whether to forgive them or not but the question is, can you still trust them after that incident? Do you have it in you to trust them after they have betrayed you? If yes, then forgive them and see if they are really making it up to you or if they are really sorry, they would do things to make you trust them again. In that way, you can really see that they are atoning for their mistake.

What Happy Couples Do To Each Other

When you are in a happy romance, everything seems so enchanted and every you spend with each other is precious. It feels like the world revolves around the two of you and nothing can break you apart. You are lucky if you are currently in this kind of relationship. In my case, I actually am in this type of relationship. I feel elated every day and each moment I spent with my boyfriend is just memorable. Even if we are doing nothing and just watching Netflix, I still think that that moment is worth remembering. When in this type of romance, you are always floating on cloud nine and you're just contented with the time you have. I will be sharing you some things about what happy couples do so that you will know if you are also in a happy relationship.


I know that all couples cuddle but how often that happens is what matters the most. You can cuddle but maybe only when your pair is in the mood to do so. Happy couples cuddle oftentimes. They think that without touching their pair, their day won't be complete and it may seem clingy to you but I think it's cute. It shows that the other person really values you and loves to be with you all the time. Cuddling is a good way for couples to just let each other feel warmth from the hugs of their loved ones.

Hang out together

It's a given that couples hang out together to know each other well. However, when you both have different priorities, it's rare for you to hang out or even have a date. When you don't give priority to the romantic bond, it's impossible for it to work. That's why happy couples last longer because they free their schedule to spend time with their pair. My boyfriend and I have a special day each month so I really take a leave on that special day to hang out with him. If you and your partner love horror stories, you may want to click this link.

Public Display of Affection

I know a lot of people hate seeing public displays of affections but I think it's just how couple act when they are really in love with each other. They are not afraid to show off their romance and they are even proud about their pair. My boyfriend and I do public displays of affections but not all the time because we both came from a conservative country and we do it minimally just to respect people who don't like it.


I think all couples communicate but happy couples communicate not only their opinions but also their inner feelings. Doing this will enable both of them to truly understand each other profoundly and they can easily solve each argument they have because they are not afraid to tell their real feelings. I think that when you involved romantically, it's better to let your emotions out and just be honest with each other. Never hide anything from your pair because that secret might ruin what you have in the future.

Reasons Why Online Dating Is Not For You

Online dating has become very popular now. Since many of us are stuck in our houses because of this pandemic, we find ways to make use of that time. There are actually a lot of things we can do during this pandemic but most people would find it enjoyable to try online dating. Young and old would use online dating to have fun and meet new people even though they are just at home but online dating is actually not for everybody. There are many things that could go wrong when you try online dating and if you have a faint heart, then I guess it is not for you. Also, if you want to know some tips about what not to do when online dating, you can read this article.

Today, I will be giving you some of the reasons why online dating may not be for you.

If you easily trust people online

Trust is essential in a relationship but when you are online dating, there are actually a lot of people who are very suspicious. With the help of the Internet, a lot of people can stay anonymous and this gives them an advantage to do bad things because they know nobody will know their real identity. There are also some people who are using fake identities and because of this, if you are someone who easily trusts people, you might get hurt in the end.

If you get attached to someone quickly

Attachment to other people is very normal and we do get attached to them because we think that they are a good person and that they will take good care of us but if you are online dating, as I mentioned earlier, there are many people who cannot be trusted and if you get attached to the people who cannot be trusted in there, then you might be in trouble or your feelings will just be played by that person because there are a lot of people online who have nothing to do but to hurt people.

If you get overwhelmed with the number of people

There are many people in an online dating site which means that you have a lot of opportunity to meet many people than you can in real life. But if you are someone who easily gets overwhelmed by this thought, if you are someone who gets scared when you are presented with many choices, then online dating is not for you. Since you get to interact with many people in a short time, in a day you may be able to talk to about 20 to 30 guys and if this thought doesn't sit well with you, then online dating is not for you.

If you are looking for a lifetime partner

Online dating is where a lot of people go to find love. They hope to find the one there because they know that many people use it so they have a bigger chance to find the one. But, when you try online dating, not all people there are good, some people would even have different intentions why they are using online so if you are looking for a lifetime partner, I don't think online dating is for you.

How To Find Love After The Pandemic

This pandemic has been very hard on us, it makes us anxious and depressed and some people are just lonely because they have no one else to talk to during this pandemic. You might be lucky if you are with your family now and you have been spending a lot of time with them. You should use this time to talk to them, catch up with them and just have fun with because the time that we spend with our family is the most precious. Also, this pandemic has changed many things in our lives and if you want to know more about this, you can check this article.

Also, if you have any plans after this pandemic, let's say finding love then you have come to the right place because I will be giving you some tips on how to find love after the pandemic.

Meet up with the people you met online.

We all know how popular online dating has become since the pandemic and if this pandemic ends, you should meet up with those people you have met online. This will be a good first step for you to find love. You see, the pandemic has restricted us in meeting people but if it ends, you are now free to meet all the people you wanted and you should start by the people you have met online. Who knows, maybe one of them could be the one that you are looking for.

Participate in events in your area.

Participating in some events in your area would also increase your chance of finding love after this pandemic. If you do this, you are sure to find some people that you already know and you might even develop some feelings after this event that you are participating. There could be tons of events that will be available in your area because if the pandemic is over, they would want to celebrate.

Join any organizations.

Joining any organizations would also help you in finding love and this would also be very effective in finding someone who might be compatible to you. If you join an organization in which you are so passionate about, then there is a big chance that you will meet someone who has the same exact likes as you. If you do find someone like this, then that person might just be the one if you have connected in a deeper level.

Travel to another place.

Travelling after the pandemic might be a good idea since you have been holed up in your house for how many months, this is a good way to see the outside world again. This is also a golden opportunity for you to meet different types of people and go to interesting places and who knows, one of the places you might visit you will see your future partner. Traveling could also help you find a foreign partner if that is what you are looking for. Nowadays, diversity is what most people are looking for so marrying a foreign person would be a great idea.

Why We Should Love People Based On Their Personalities

People have different preferences and I've always noticed that appearance always have a place in those standards. Many people are choosing someone who has good looks and I'm not saying it's a bad thing but personally, I think it makes no sense. We will all grow old and our skins will get wrinkled over time and our appearances will all be the same so I think that choosing appearances over personality is illogical for me. But I can't really persuade others to be like me because we are all different and we have different perspective so what might be right for me might not be the same for you.

Personality weighs more than appearance.

For me, having a good attitude is more important because if we can't compromise things to make our relationship work then everything won't be good. I want someone who can understand me and who will accept my flaws because I am not perfect. Someone who loves me during the times when I don't feel good about myself is much better than someone who has absolutely stunning visuals. I actually found someone who is like this and I've never been this happy before. If you want to read more about personality and appearances, you can read this article here.

Gorgeous people are not always serious in a relationship.

I've known many beautiful people and most of them are not really good at handling relationships. They only want to fool around and end up hurting the people who care for them. I've seen people become devastated by how these handsome and pretty people treat them. This is one of the major reasons why I have trust issues about choosing appearances first. I'm afraid that this scenario will happen to me and I will end up hurting which is what I'd like to avoid.

They can easily leave the romance and find other people.

Because they have good looks, it will be easy for them to cheat on you. Many people would want to date someone who is beautiful so if they are not satisfied with you anymore, they can easily break up with you. Some people would even resort to ghosting as they don't want to be haunted by their conscience because they left you and made you cry. I'm not saying all people who have good looks are like this but it could happen.

You will have a lot of competition for their attention.

As I mentioned earlier, many people would want to date someone who is handsome or pretty so it would be difficult for you to have quality time with them because many people would be taking their pictures or many people would want to get closer to them to know them better. You will always feel jealous about the people becoming close to them and you can never really do anything about this. It's quite a pain that's why I never wanted to have someone like this.

We all have different preferences so my opinion may not be the same as yours but you can always choose whomever you want. I am not generalizing people here so if you are lucky, you can always find someone who has not only a good heart but also has good looks.

Love In The Technological Era

Dating has become more liberated in our generation. We have different ways to find our significant others and many options on how we wish to interact with them. The problem is that some people have various motives why they date, whether it's only for fun or if they want to experience something different. It's really hard to discern what someone is thinking, if they want to marry you or just want to hookup. This is how dating is in a modern society. Many doubts and numerous routes to go to but oftentimes, there are quite a lot of successful relationships now. People have often used social media and online dating apps for dating now so if you want to know more, check this article.

Love comes before marriage now.

Before, people regard marriage as a union of businesses for wealthy people. Marriage doesn't always necessarily require love in order for it to work. The parents just agree to each other that they would marry off their child to someone wealthy. However, love became the primary reason for marriage today. I've seen a lot of people marry their childhood friend, their high school crush or their college lover. If you don't love someone, then don't marry them. Love comes before marriage now, it became the criteria before marrying someone.

Love can bloom in unexpected places.

No matter where you found that person, whether it's in an online dating site or in a bar you just went last night, there a big possibility that love can bloom in those places. You never know where your true love is and the person you met in those places can be the one. There may be a lot of routes and love can be like a maze, but trust me, if the person really loves you and wants to have a serious relationship with you, even if you found each other in a nightclub, you will have a long-lasting romance. I even found my husband in a social media dating site so who knows, right?

People chat on the Internet first before meeting each other.

Oftentimes, people find it convenient to just send an online message to someone before meeting them personally. I think that with this way, we can first assess if the person we are chatting has the same interests and vibes as us or if that person is eager enough to reply to our messages immediately. I actually judge a person based on the way they type or like the message they sent to me whether it has correct grammar or using the right punctuation marks or having correct spellings. I just think that if they do, they are educated and disciplined enough to type the whole word instead of the short version of that word.

Technology is really an amazing tool that lets us connect with people from different parts of the world. Today may not be the same as yesterday but we have come so far and we need to continue moving forward towards a more bountiful future.

Dealing With A Husband That Ignores You

Ignoring is sometimes very painful for the person being ignored. They felt that they just don't care about them and because of that, they would feel lonely in the relationship. I have my friends who do this sometimes to their pairs and I can really say that this kind of behavior is slightly toxic. I would often ask my friend why they would do such a thing to their pairs and they would just casually tell me that it is because their pairs annoyed them. Well, maybe they annoyed them but no one deserves to be ignored. That is such an immature way of handling arguments, yes I know that by ignoring someone, you are not letting yourself say anything bad that cannot be taken back after the fight but not talking to your partner would be worse because how will you be able to solve the problem if there is no communication, right? And if your husband is ignoring you, here are some things you can do.

Be kind.

Your husband is giving you the silent treatment and you may get hurt by this behavior but please try to be kind no matter what. Doing bad things like revenge or doing the same thing to him won't do any good. In fact, doing the same thing he is doing to you will just make things worse. In this kind of situation, be the better person and try to be levelheaded. Analyze the situation and do not add flame to the already burning rage. You will just prolong the argument and it will take time to solve it.

Approach them slowly.

When your husband is ignoring you, it won't do any good if you approach them while you are angry. Approaching them in any way other than being kind and slowly, things will just get worse. Chances are, your husband will just ignore you more if you really insist that they talk to you or if you approach them with an angry tone in your voice. Trust me, even though men are not good with feelings, they can actually feel it when someone is talking to them in an angry one.

Give him some time to cool his head off.

If you think that your husband is angry about something, give them time to cool their head off. Having a cool head will actually increase your chances of reconnecting with your husband because cool headed means you will be able to talk things in a calm manner. Much better, if you wait for him to talk to you because he knows that he is ready to talk about it.

Do not fight with him.

I know that it can be frustrating when someone gives you the silent treatment but never fight them too just because your husband is ignoring you. It is painful but another fight won't solve the previous fight and it will definitely not make your husband talk to you. It will just make them more annoyed and this would just prolong their silent treatment towards you. This article I found might also help you. You can read it here.

How To Stop Overthinking In A Relationship

Being in a relationship is great and many people wanted to be in one. However, it is actually not always fun and happy. Sometimes, there will be sadness and problems and you both have to cope up with it. Being in a relationship would give us a wonderful feeling. It makes us excited and it changes our perspective in life. When we are in a relationship, everything would seem so colorful and full of positivity which is why many people want to be in a relationship. I have heard a lot of successful romances and the couples have been doing great and they are very happy with their partners but with that, there are also some people who were unfortunate in love. While some people are in happy relationship but they overthink which makes it difficult. If you are someone like that, I will be giving you some reasons why you should stop overthinking.

Stop interpreting simple things into complicated ones.

Overthinking can be toxic to the relationship. Maybe your partner wasn't even paying attention to what he is doing and here you are interpreting it as something bad. I overthink sometimes like my partner would talk on his phone for hours and my thoughts would then think he might be cheating but when I ask him who he is talking to, he tells me it is his mom which gives me so much relief. This happened a lot of times and I learned to control it now. I found this amazing article which might interest you, you can read it here.

Talk to your partner.

If you are feeling insecure in your relationship, maybe overthinking isn't the solution to it. Talk to your partner about how you are feeling because they might know what to do to solve it. In a relationship, communication is very important and since there are two people in a relationship, both of you should be making an effort to make things work which is why talking to each other would definitely make a big difference. It would also make your relationship stronger than it was before.

Find a distraction.

If you keep on overthinking, it might be good for you to find a distraction. When I was overthinking before, I would watch a lot of movies to get my mind off some things. I would really focus on the movie and sometimes I would watch horror movies because it really distracts me. When I watch horror movies, my mind would be thinking about other things like what if there is a killer or what if there is a ghost behind me, things like that. This always works for me every time.

Things are not sometimes about you.

Maybe you have been reading too much in the situation that you think everything that is happening is all about you. From your partner being angry to your partner shouting, you think it may all be your fault when in fact, it may not. Your partner might just have a bad day at work and it is never your fault. Not everything is about you, always remember that.

This Is What turns On Men

There are many things that can turn on men and if you are willing enough, you can actually get the man you like to like you back. Some men have desires and standards of what they want in a woman and we assume it's all about looks and the body however not all men desire such spontaneous things, some of them just wanted to have someone who can be loyal to them. I have talked to my friends and they told me that the stereotypes about men don't apply to all of them instead they gave me deeper things that they are really looking for in a woman and these things turn them on.


Smiling is one of those gestures that say you are a kind and refreshing people. Smiling makes people around you comfortable and it is highly contagious. My friends tend to intently observe their dates on the first day and they are always anticipating on that one smile. I guess this is the reason why their girlfriends are so friendly and so bubbly when they are around other people.


Relationships shouldn't be full of a secret that's why honesty is important. Having a girlfriend who is honest makes things easier. You won't argue all the time because one of you hides something from the other person. Being open to your true emotions and expressing your real intentions turns on a man, I can definitely vouch for this because most of my friends said that honesty matters for them. I actually think that honesty plays a great role in a healthy romance.


Men love a confident woman who can bring themselves up in any situation. These types of women are outspoken and can do things that they want. My friend told me that he always wanted a confident woman not because he is not confident but because he wants the lady to be their true self and they look better when they are confident. I actually agree to what he said because a lot of women now don't really voice their opinions because they are afraid of the public's opinion so I really admire someone who has the guts to talk about want they truly feel.


Women who do their own businesses without troubling someone else turn on a man. A woman with a high standing and doesn't let men control them is something that my friends told me about. I'm not actually sure as to why they said this but I guess they want a woman who can act on their own free will and decide things for themselves without depending on the man. I don't really see how this turns them on because I feel like it's so easy for an independent woman to leave the relationship when they become bored of it. I found this amazing article that might interest you, you can check it here.


Who doesn't love a humble person, right? I think we all wanted to have someone who is kind, humble, considerate, and just accepts you for who you are. Personality is so important for men because it makes the relationship last longer. Several of my friends told me that having a girlfriend with a good personality feels unbelievably comfortable. They are not restricted to their own things because the woman understands and is willing to accept. Of course, my friends are good people so their girlfriends are also kind which is a good pairing.

What A Good Relationship Brings

Being in a relationship is wonderful. You get to be with someone you love and do all sorts of things. You get to experience many things while you are in a relationship and this is the reason why many people love to be in a relationship. They wanted to spend more time with their partners and wanted to be exclusive for each other. However, in every relationship, it's not always perfect. There will be a lot of problems and you may sometimes argue and all of these are actually normal. Normal couples fight about certain things, they will have problems in their relationships, get jealous at someone but at the end of the day, they make up and forgive each other. This is what a good relationship is and I will tell you how it affects you and your partner.

You and your partner are happy and contented.

When you have a good relationship, you and your partner will be happy and contented. Since your relationship is healthy and stable, arguments and conflicts are lessened so you both focus on showing your love to each other. When you are in a good relationship, you will have no problem and all you will ever think about is being happy with your partner. You will also be contented with what you have and you won't ask for anything. If you are planning to spice up your relationship and you have a mutual decision to try to hookup with other people, read this article to get what you want.

You will both have a peace of mind.

Since you are in a good relationship, all doubts and mistrust will disappear from both your minds. You won't even have time to think about doubting your partner because they have been good to you and to your relationship. Everything is good so why will you even have negative thoughts? When you are in a good relationship, you will be secured and your feelings are openly reciprocated by your partner so you have nothing to worry about.

You will not be thinking about cheating.

Cheating happens when your partner hasn't given you enough attention or they are just bored in your relationship, whatever the reason is, cheating happens when the relationship is becoming stale. The person might be seeking something thrill and new that's why they would date another person even though they are in relationship with you. But if you have a good relationship, every moment will be precious and you will not be thinking about cheating. You have been blessed to have a good partner and a healthy relationship so you wouldn't dare destroy it.

You and your partner will be full of positivity.

Having a good relationship means you will have a lot of positivity in your life. Like how positive your relationship is, it will also bring good things to you and your partner. Instead of having bad mood due to fighting, you will have a good mood and you will be feeling light because of all the good things happening to you and your partner. Being in a good relationship will change your perspective into someone who understands and doesn't get angry on little things. 

What Women Like About Men

There are some things that we really look for in a person. Whether it's about their appearance or their personality, whatever it is, we all have standards that we sometimes follow when we are looking for a partner. We have expectations that must be met in order for the relationship to flourish. While this may be a good thing to avoid being complacent in the relationship, sometimes it also threatens it if we set our standards too high for the others to meet. Women are known to be romantic people and many of them hope for a love like in the movies. Because of this, they sometimes set a very high expectation for men may be because they have seen a lot of movies which depict perfect relationships and perfect men with all the qualities women want. So today, I will be sharing with you some of the most common qualities women look for in their partners.


It's a given that having a good personality weighs more than having good looks. Most women wanted to have a stable relationship that's why they would scrutinize if you really have a good attitude. This would make the relationship last long because both of you are capable of forgiving and asking apologies if necessary. You know how to compromise and when to back down when you're wrong and that's something what most women want. Women want a kind and faithful man so if you think your man is not faithful to you, read this article.


One of the physical attributes that women want is a tall man. We usually read it in books about a tall, dark and handsome man and maybe that's where they got the idea. I have seen a lot of video experiments where a woman will choose one man out of the sixteen and most of the time, they will choose someone taller than them and I think that says a lot. You see, women love hugging and when they do hug a person taller than them, they will be full enclosed by the arms of the tall man and it makes them feel safe. They can even hear the man's heartbeat which gives an ecstatic feeling.


Having practical skills that can be useful in everyday life is very attractive for women. Men who know how to cook, how to take care of the baby, how to clean the house or how to fix things in the house are what most women look for in a man. I actually like a man who knows how to cook because I think that when someone cooks for you, it's romantic. I would totally choose a man who knows how to cook than a man who has a good fashion style because cooking is difficult to learn and depends on the passion of the person learning while having a good fashion style can be learned by reading fashion magazines.

Fashion Style

There's a famous quote that says dress to impress and I think it's true. Women love men who have amazing fashion sense because they want to show you off to their friends that's why it's necessary to have fashionable clothes. Oftentimes, women get attracted to people who have polished looks like wearing a suit or a uniform.

Rules When Hooking Up

Hooking up is not something that all people can do. There are only few select people who can handle this kind of relationship and there are some certain rules when you want to hook up with someone. According to research, most college students have experienced hooking up at least once in their lifetime, this is like a common thing that will happen if you go to college. We all know that college life is way different than what we experienced in our high school days. Your time in college should be devoted to of course, studying but also having a good time. So if you will have a good time which means you will hookup with someone then I will give you some of the rules you need to follow. Also, even though we have this pandemic, you can still find a hookup partner. To know more, read this article.

Rule one

Did you just spot a cute stranger on a random party that you and your friends just went into? Before going with that person, always tell your friends that you are with that cute stranger you just met. While many people would agree that telling your friends about where you are is childish and is not necessary, for me I think that it's just being careful. You cannot really trust someone you just met so something bad might happen to you that's why it's better for someone to know who you are with.

Rule two

If the party you just went involves drinking alcoholic beverages then you want to hookup with someone who is also drunk then both of you cannot really make a decision when you hookup. Decision and consent is the most important when you hook up with someone so try to avoid engaging with a person when you are drunk or in a state where you cannot think clearly. When you are under the influence, you really cannot control your body and your actions so make sure to sober up first.

Rule three

When you hook up with someone, it is always better to ask them about STD. This won't be a problem since you are just trying to care for your health. It is really a common question between two people who are into hooking up. If you are a lady, always have the courage to ask this kind of question to your hookup partner since your body is worth more than anything. Your health should come first before hooking up. People who practice having a safe sex and getting their bodies checked regularly are a good hookup partner.

Rule four

This is the most important. When you are hooking up, have fun. Having fun is the very purpose why most people hookup. They do it for pleasure and spontaneity. Make sure your fun is safe and consensual to avoid any complications later on. Especially in college where you are free and everyone is allowed to have a good time, take advantage of this fact and live your life the way you vision it to be. Don't forget to share the juicy details to your friends as they will want to hear all of it.

Signs Your Boyfriend Misses You

Missing someone can be very difficult and the longing of seeing them again is so big. You may be in a long distance relationship with your partner or maybe your partner had to go someplace far to do important things for a while but whatever the reason is, this kind of situation is difficult for most couples. This is why some long distance relationships don't really work out and they gave up on the relationship in the middle of it which is very painful for the couple. However, even if you are just some miles away from your partner, it's really inevitable not to miss them. We miss hanging out with them even though we were just with them an hour ago or maybe we miss them immediately as soon as they go home. This is really normal but for men who are good at hiding their emotions, they may not show that they miss you so I will be giving you some signs that your boyfriend misses you.

  • Your boyfriend misses you when they texts you often. They would be sending a lot of messages asking you about the details or what is happening with you right now or they would send you a lot of messages asking you how your day went. This is a clear sign that they miss you.
  • Your boyfriend misses you when they call you. If they call you and tell you that they just want to hear your voice then that's a very obvious sign that they miss you badly. Normally, we don't call someone just to hear their voice, usually we call someone when we want something urgently.
  • Your boyfriend misses you when they respond almost immediately to your texts or calls. This shows that they have been waiting for you to text or call. Some people are just so busy to respond to text messages but if your boyfriend does, he clearly misses you.
  • Your boyfriend misses you when he talks all about you. He talks about you with his friends or family and all the good things you did together. If you ever learn about this maybe from your mutual friends, then you know that he thinks about you even if you are not together.
  • Your boyfriend misses you when he always views your posts on social media or even checks your profile. When he does this, he is just making sure that he doesn't miss anything and it is also to show you that he is thinking about you every day.
  • Your boyfriend misses you when he asks for your picture. They do this just to see your face since you cannot see each other. When they keep asking you to send a picture of yourself, then they really miss you badly and wants to be with you soon.

These are just some of the clear signs that your boyfriend misses you and if they do, see them immediately. They might be super excited to see you after a long time of not being together. I just read this amazing article and if you are one of those people who are looking for love, check out this article.

Add These Countries In Your Bucket List

Traveling with someone can help you connect deeply with each other. After each trip, you will be left both satisfied and bringing a new experience. It's also a great time for both of you to relax and just enjoy the fresh scenery of the place. However, due to this unexpected pandemic, some plans are cancelled and delayed for the next year. Do not be disheartened though as there will always be time for everything. For the meantime, I will be suggesting some countries that you might want to visit. These places are very close to my heart. If you and your partner are planning on a trip after this pandemic, check out this list and find what you like best.


If you and your partner want to spend time with natural scenery, Philippines is the perfect place. Having many beaches and resorts, natural caves, mountains and more, you will never get bored wandering around this country. It's a wonderful place to relax after being quarantined at home for many months. Summer is the most enjoyable time to go to Philippines as there are a lot of cold and fruity drinks that can quench your thirst.


Japan has always been one of the favorite places people love to travel to. There are many interesting things you can do here, it has a clean environment and they have one of the sophisticated transportation systems here. Japanese foods are well-known all over the world because of their unique taste and aesthetic way of plating the food. If you wish to visit Japan, I suggest you research the place first because there are many things you need to consider when going there. I highly recommend going during spring season as the most awaited cherry blossom trees are fully blooming and it is a magical sight to witness.


Thailand is known for its numerous ornate temples. There are many Buddha statues that are bigger than people, ancient ruins and well-endowed royal palaces. Thai foods are also great. If you have ever eaten Thai food, you'll know it's a rewarding experience. Presuming that you and your spouse are captivated by this, you can always visit Thailand at any time. Plus, it is generally safe place to travel so you don't have anything to worry about.

South Korea

One of the technologically advanced countries with a good preservation of historical buildings and sites, South Korea is a place worth visiting for. A country where beauty really matters offers a variety of skin care products which most women love and they have sophisticated fashion trends there. Aside from these, you and your partner will surely love the Korean street foods that are not only cheap but also appetizing. I recommend visiting this place during autumn season due to its stunning gingko tree road.


A country famous for its nature island escape with a heavenly taste for food, Malaysia is a place you should definitely go to. Without having any difficulty communicating with the locals since they mostly speak English, you and your significant other can roam Malaysia freely due to it being a safe country. There are tons of different foods you can taste here in this place because it is multi-racial. This is one of the best places you can easily visit without any hassle.

Signs That You Should Leave The Relationship

Leaving a relationship can be difficult and it could be painful for you to leave someone who once meant the world to you. You may be devastated about it for a while but trust me, you will get over it. I always believe that whatever happens, there's a reason behind it. In every action that we do, there's always an equivalent consequence. The consequence of staying in a relationship that you know is slowly becoming unhealthy will totally damage you. It will do more harm if you decided to stay rather than leave. Because of this, I will tell you some signs that you should leave the relationship.

People who make themselves superior than you.

People who think that they are superior than their pairs are toxic people. They are bossy and never let their pair have any friends. They would criticize their pair harshly to make them feel inferior so that they would submit to her and follow whatever they say. This is a clear sign that your partner is manipulating you and they don't even care if you lose your self-esteem because of them. Nevertheless, carefully observe your pair if they are exhibiting such behaviors.

People who don't know how to manage their anger.

People who get angry easily and are verbally abusive are never attractive. Violence is never a pretty thing for all people. People who get mad at small things seem childish and immature and most of us would try to avoid these types of people because we don't want to deal with their tantrums. Abuse of any kind should not be tolerated and you should always protect yourself first before others. Never let anyone trample you just because they are angry. If you have experienced this in your relationship and you are planning to find a new love, check this article first to know the relationship rules.

People who don't know how to convey their feelings.

People who expect others to read their minds are not worth staying for. People who say nothing is wrong when everything is wrong then getting pissed when you don't notice is the most annoying trait that some people have. We are not mind readers, we cannot understand signals that are just too vague, you should use words to convey what you truly feel and to be able to solve the problem, communication is the key. If you partner doesn't communicate with you, it could be a big problem.

People who are only interested in your money.

People who only care about the money of their pair are the worst. Another term for this is a gold digger. The person expects the man to pay for all dates and expensive gifts. They don't care about the personality but will only entertain the person if they are rich. If your current pair is like this and you think that it's normal because you don't really mind paying all of the bills on your date, then I will tell you that they are taking advantage of your kindness and that kind of thing is toxic.

In any relationship, you can lessen some negative feelings like pain, heartbreak, and frustration by choosing the right person to be with. This will save you a lot of misery and heartbreak. However, it might be difficult to find the right person for you. It takes a long time and more effort to truly have someone you can spend the rest of your life with.

Why We Reminisce About Our Exes

Do you think about your past lovers? Do memories of your previous relationships appear when you are happy with your life? Do you dream about an ex that haunts you when you are awake? If yes, then that is totally normal and you are not unusual. Sometimes, people are still thinking about their exes for months, or even years after the relationship ended. You may have ended things with your ex in a messy way but the fact that you once spent most of your times with them will never change. The happy memories that you once shared will still linger on your mind because we have a tendency to remember happy moments of our lives. But why do we reminisce about our exes anyway? I will tell you all about that in this article.

You shared many happy moments together.

We feel nostalgic about our exes maybe because we have spent a lot of time with them before. As I mentioned earlier, the brain has the tendency to remember happy moments of our live and they were once a part of it. Because of that, we reminisce about the good times we had with them. Although this is not really a bad thing but don't do it on daily basis because your current partner might be jealous about it and may be the cause of your arguments.

You miss the feeling of being in love.

Maybe you are single now and you are thinking about the time you were in a relationship with your ex. When you are in this situation, you don't really miss the person, you miss the feeling of being in love. You miss the times when someone cared about you and asked how your day went. But like any relationship there is, all things must come to an end and that is what happened to your relationship. Maybe you are just feeling lonely or maybe you miss having someone by your side. Also, sometimes we remember our exes because they satisfy us sexually but if you want to stop, check this article out.

You compare your ex with your current partner.

You may be in a relationship with someone new right now and you started comparing them with your ex which made you reminisce about your ex. Because of this, you may be confusing your own mind. Our mind don't really remember things that are frustrating or something that makes us sad, it remembers the happy moments and when you compare your current partner to your ex, then your ex would definitely have an advantage because you only remember the good times with them not knowing that they did worse than your current partner.

You still have the things that your ex gave you.

Maybe you are sitting on the couch you and your ex first talked about your first relationship problem, or maybe you are still using the night light that was given to you by your ex to help you sleep which is why you reminisced about them. Having things that your ex has given you can trigger your mind to remember them and the moments you shared. Keeping those things is not really a bad thing but if you want to move on from them, you may want to store it somewhere out of your sight.

Disadvantages of Dating Apps

Dating has become more liberated in our generation. We have different ways to find our significant others and many options on how we wish to interact with them. The most popular way to interact with new people is online dating. With the advancement of technology, there are a lot of websites and applications where you can spend your time finding the person you want to date. Since the advancement of technology and the invention of the Internet, the popularity of online dating sites has been growing ever since. Dating apps were made for the convenience of people so that their needs would be satisfied easily. I have used some dating apps before but I found some bad features about those apps so I'm here to tell you all about that today.

You may not be compatible with your dating app match.

Many apps would match you to someone based on the qualities you input on their database. Their system would then try to use your data to find someone that has almost the same qualities as you but that's the problem. Matching with someone takes a long time and it cannot be easily done using artificial intelligence. You need to personally talk and get to know each other. These pairings are sometimes not accurate and more often, people lie about their personality or features. You may not be compatible with the person the system paired you to and it could be a big problem.

You will never know if they are saying the truth.

Since dating apps don't really need some kind of identification to prove your identity, some people would input fake information about themselves and it could get you in trouble if you believe everything about what they wrote. Always evaluate or maybe verify that that person is really the person you are talking to. This generation has a lot of fake people luring innocent ones for their criminal activities so be careful when you use these dating apps.

You will be overwhelmed by the number of people you matched.

We can easily find potential suitors than we could normally find in our daily lives but because there are so many of them, we sometimes feel overwhelmed by the numbers and confused as to whom we should choose. When I first tried this, I was overjoyed because it was so easy for me to find someone whether it is within my area or internationally but as time passed by, I didn't feel satisfied and I continued finding more instead of choosing only one I can spend the rest of my life with. It was a tough time for me. There's also a possibility that we will take our pair for granted because we can easily replace him or her using dating apps.

You will not know if their words are sincere.

Using these apps means that you are only sending virtual messages to each other. You will never see the expression on their faces and the gestures they are making. These non-verbal cues are very important when knowing the sincerity of the person speaking. But without meeting personally, you can never really tell what non-verbal actions they are doing. In any case, be vigilant when trying to meet people you met online. Even though you have chatted for a long time, never trust people online easily as they may be trying to harm you.

How Toxic Relationships Can Affect You

Whether you know of it or not, bad relationships can affect you in various ways. There are many researches made about this matter and I can really say that bad romance not only affect your mentality but also your physical. When choosing someone you want to spend your lifetime with, take note of all the small details about that person. He may have done something toxic that you didn't notice it because you are so smitten by him or her. Keep in mind that people sometimes lie about their true personality so be vigilant. Before marrying someone or even dating them, make sure that you know every little thing about that person. If possible, ask many questions about their behavior or personality. Today, I have collated the most common effects of a bad romance to people.


The toxicity and the mental health implications will make you depressed. Depression is a real thing and if you continue to remain in that place, it will be bad for you. Do not ignore the red flags that you see early on the relationship. These will help you see what kind of person your partner truly is. Letting go of that toxic person will do you better than staying. I understand that you love that person but your love is not working anymore and you should take that into consideration.


In some occasion, you will feel insecure or feel bad about yourself since your love affair is not in a good condition. This affair will leave you drained and unhappy because your significant other may be placing some pressure on you to change yourself. This will be harmful for you physically and emotionally. If you have healed from your toxic relationship and you are trying to find a new love, check this article to make your dating profile unique.

Low self-esteem

Sometimes, when one person is in a bad love affair, they blame themselves. This could result to having low self-esteem which is clearly not a good thing for a person to feel. I believe that there are two people involved romantically which means that it's not only one person who's at fault here but also the other person. Oftentimes, we think that women are the ones always suffering in a relationship but men could be abused, too.

Bad health

Bad involvement with people can hurt more than just your feelings, it can also hurt your health. According to research, couples who argue a lot or suffering from stress can develop heart problems, high blood pressure or high rates of obesity. Not only this, but your immune system be weakened with the constant tension and stress you feel in your everyday life.

Doubting others

When you have been in a bad circumstance before, it will be very difficult to trust people again. You will start doubting their intentions although they only wanted what's best for you. I think that bad experiences leave a scar that will always remind you of the horrendous past you experienced. You will never be able to forget what happened and this can affect your future romance. I always say that when you feel uncomfortable with a person, you should immediately stay away and get out of that situation before it's too late.

Types Of Men You Find When Online Dating

Online dating can be a fun experience. In the beginning, everything seems fresh and new and you think that every shot you get is worth taking for but as you venture deeper and as time passes, you will realize that not every shot is worth risking for. You will notice some patterns and behaviors of people in online dating that may not be good but you thought it was amazing in the beginning. From the pictures they choose to upload, the words they used in their profiles and the way they engage in a conversation, there are so many things that can go bad. I have actually noticed different types of men in the online dating world and not all of them are worth dating. Also, to know more about online dating, you can visit this link.

The player

This is a type of guy who uses online dating apps and websites to find someone who they can hookup with. They are only using these apps to find a casual sex partner not a lifetime partner. If you are the type of person who is looking for a lifelong partner and is looking for a serious relationship then you may want to avoid such guys. These guys will not love you truly, they are only in it for your body. If you try to pursue these guys, you will end up hurting and suffering.

The online dating newbie

These guys are the innocent. They don't have a slightest bit of idea how to engage in a conversation nor do they know how to filter people based on what they are looking for. Their profiles are either empty or very short narrative of their life. It looks cute but as you really think about it, it's not actually good because they won't know how to interact with the people in that app and they will be clueless as to how that app would work.

The hopeless romantic

Men like these are the most romantic and at the same time, they are a little bit delusional. They have it all pictured down, their perfect love story and they would do anything to achieve it. They won't accept anything that goes beyond what they have imagined already. They are not open to people who doesn't meet their expectations. Also, they believe in love the most. They think that someday they will find their true love and that they will live happily ever after.

The serious type

This type of person is so hard to spot mainly because there are only a few of them in these dating apps. But if you are lucky to spot one then never let them go. They are the type who has their priorities straight and they know what they are looking for in a relationship. They know how to make things clear to avoid any misunderstandings and they make you comfortable with their words. You will know exactly when you meet one because they will really make an effort to talk to you and they might even ask you out if you have been talking for a while now.

Prepare These Things On Your First Date

If you are going on a first date, you probably feel a lot of emotions ranging from nervousness to excitement. You might be wondering what to do, what to say, what to talk about and how to impress your date so to ease up some of the nerves, you may consider following these tips. First dates can be awkward and sometimes things just would go bad. If you have met someone online and you are planning to meet each other in real life, that can be quite exciting. Now that online dating apps are popular, many people find their lovers in there and they arrange a date to see each other personally. This meeting can be nerve-wracking for some, some people may even hesitate to go on a date. So to help you, I have listed some of the things you need to prepare on your first date.

Prepare some clothes you will be wearing on the date.

When we go on a date, we always want to impress someone by how we look. I have been to a lot of dates so I can really say that when you are meeting someone, wear something that you will be comfortable in. Before this, I suggest you try to breathe and relax first, it's just a date. It's not like you are going to meet someone for a business deal or something. Breathe deeply and start rummaging your wardrobe for clothes that you can potentially wear. Summer is a perfect season to be stylish. There are many clothes you can wear but I suggest wearing a summer dress paired with boots or sandals to let the summer breeze flow without leaving you all sweaty. Picking a dress with a fun print could be a conversation starter. Most importantly, try to choose clothes that show your personality so that your date can see your bubbly personality through the outfits you wore.

Bring a small gift for your date.

Consider bringing a small gift and by small I mean something that is not so expensive since your date might feel intimidated because they didn't bring any gift for you or a gift that is not time-consuming. A first date gift should show that you are really paying attention on the small things they say or do or a gift that shows you are thinking about them and that they mean a lot to you. It could be a single flower but definitely not a bouquet since that person may feel bad that they didn't give you any gift. Try to keep your gifts low-key and simple so that your partner will not feel intimidated by it.

Prepare yourself for your date.

Preparing your mind and body is essential when you are meeting someone for the first time. Remember that there can be good dates and bad dates and you don't really have to fret over this. Just be your casual self and talk with your date like you do with your friends. First dates can make you have butterflies on your stomach so you will definitely feel nervous but don't worry about that. Just show who you really are and whether your date will like you or not will never be a problem.

You Are Compatible With Each Other If You Have These

Compatible means able to exist or occur together without conflict. In other words, it's about getting along, which usually comes from wanting the same or complementary things. It's hard to judge compatibility when you're first falling for someone. There's probably little or no conflict during the early stages because you are just crazy about each other that you overlook your differences. Plus, you're still learning about each other so you haven't discovered all the potential points of conflict yet. As you get to know each other better, and the façade will fall away, you start noticing more disagreements and then you can figure out if there's genuine long-term potential with his person.


This is the most manageable of all sets. Two people can lovingly coexist while wanting different things, having different tastes, and liking different activities. It's okay not to like all of your spouse's hobbies, friends, presents, desires, and fantasies. But there have to be at least a few of them that you can share the enthusiasm, and there has to be respect for the desires of both sides. It is very unpleasant in the relationship when one cannot get excited about something that excites the other. It is a very bad situation when one starts invalidating the desires of the other and it is disastrous when the desire itself as a notion gets penalized in a relationship. People with different characters can lovingly coexist. As long as they are able to respect the others' differences and their core beliefs allow them to treat each other with integrity. As long as there is enough common ground for them to share things together, their relationship can work out.


Priorities in our lives can be circumstantial or characteristic. Circumstantial priorities tend to change according to what is the most urgent. However, characteristic priorities tend to not change and they are bound to our core beliefs. So conflicts about priorities can be circumstantial, which is resolved more or less easy or chronic. A chronic conflict of priorities can cause dissatisfaction in a relationship. AS it tends not to change, it works in time and most of the time, it leads to termination. When incompatibility in priorities is rather circumstantial, it can be adjusted. When it becomes more of a core issue, it is a recipe for disaster.

Core Beliefs and Values

This is the most important set because it really determines who you are. It is the most difficult to change because it has been programmed at your long-term memory and in situations and ways that make it almost impossible to bypass. It is the set of things about you that are less willing to make any compromise and even if you do make one, it will still bother you. This set includes very important things about you, such as how do you interpret and experience justice, how do you want to communicate with others, how do you want others and yourself to be treated, how do you feel when exposed to certain important social stimuli, how do you feel about your family, about lying, cheating and your political views.